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I have higher hopes for Bart than that, considering he’s lived through the 2nd grade on repeat for almost 25 years now.


" rubyrose86: So fun celebrating Danielles birthday. TASTEEEEE @msjackiecruz @vickyjeudy @daniebb3 @sheisdash @yaelstone Read more at "


" rubyrose86: So fun celebrating Danielles birthday. TASTEEEEE @msjackiecruz @vickyjeudy @daniebb3 @sheisdash @yaelstone Read more at "


The Nevada Senator Kelvin Atkinson celebrated the legalisation of same-sex marriage in his state by proposing to his partner immediately after the ban was overturned


Last week, Estonia became the first former Soviet nation to legally recognize same-sex relationships.

Lawmakers voted 40-38 to recognize civil unions of all couples, regardless of gender. Same-sex couples will receive the same financial, social and health benefits as married different-sex couples, as well as legal protection for children, but they will not be able to jointly adopt children.

The Estonian Human Rights Center hailed the vote as “historic,” saying it would send a strong message to neighboring Russia, which passed what it called “a draconian anti-gay law” last year.

"Estonia (has) made a leap toward a society that is freer, more equal and values human rights for all," the group’s director, Kari Kasper, said.

The United States also welcomed the new law.

"The U.S. government supports equal treatment under the law for all groups and believes the new cohabitation bill extends important rights and protections to unmarried couples and their families," the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn said in a statement.

The bill takes effect January 2016. Something awesome to look forward to. 


The out model tells us about modeling menswear and feeling like an activist.

7511) I’ve had recent friends guess how easy my life must have been. Because now, I’m pretty, I’m blonde, I’m wealthy. But when they guess I was the queen of my high school it’s tough because actually I was bullied relentlessly because nothing mattered except my lack of masculinity. If I was born a girl maybe I would’ve been in a super privileged position. But I was born a boy, and nearly everything in my life I’ve had to work my ass off for. Even if I now look like a prom queen.